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POAS Interest Rate Patch available !
Nov 30, 2011

With reference to recent changes made by Govt. in Commission Rates of Postal Agents and Interest Rates of Different Postal Deposits, it is to inform that you need to effect the same changes with effect from 01-12-2011. For your convenience, we have created a patch that will automatically update interest rates/commission rates for all schemes.

If you want to automatically update, download and run following patch:
Download POAS Interest Rate Patch

RD Post Office Agent Software Version Released !
Jan 06, 2011

RD Post Office Agent Software is released. Agents having only MPKBY (Recurring Deposit) agency can now purchase RD version of Post Office Agent Software. RD Post Office Agent Software contains features specific to Recurring Deposit accounts.

Post Office Agent Software Version 2.1.1 Released !
Jan 06, 2011
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • RD Cash Collection Ledger
  • Schedule By Cheque
  • Separate commission schedule for SAS/MPKBY/PPF
  • Account Type for all Schemes
  • Single Entry for Default/Advance deposits
  • About screen to view next renewal date and our contact details
Post Office Agent Software Version 2.1 Released !
Nov 28, 2010
  • SMS on Account Open/Maturity
  • Email on Account Open/Maturity
Post Office Agent Software Version 2.0 Released !
Oct 01, 2010
  • ACG-17 (Commission Slip)
  • Deposit Form (SB-103)
  • Withdrawal Form (SB-7)
  • Month Column addition in RD Schedule
  • Automatic Commission Calculation
  • Software Validity Reminder
  • Daily Backup
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Payment Form available
Aug 05, 2010

You can now fill Payment Form after making Payment for your Installment/Renewal to speed up the process of Renewal/Updation.

We are contantly monitoring this Payment Form entries and make sure that the Installment/Renewal is done immediately.

Post Office Agent Software Customer Care Information
July 15, 2010

Sales Enquiry No : 09913558400
Time : 11 AM to 8 PM

Technical Support No : 09173024014
Time : 8 PM to 10 PM

Online Training / Enquiry No : 09913558400
Time : 7 PM TO 8 PM

Please call as per time schedule given only.

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