Features of Post Office Agent Software

Recurring Deposit (RD)

  • Agent Portal Connectivity for Online Submission of RD Schedule new
  • Generate Excel file for Offline RD Schedule Submission when portal is down new
  • Automatic New Account Downloading facility new
  • No need to login to Agent Portal manually through browser new
  • RD Cash Collection filter while Schedule preparation
  • Download RD Schedule in PDF/Excel Format (CBS PO)
  • Cash Collection Machine connectivity for Collection
  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • Automatic Schedule Generation
  • Automatic Pay-In Slip Generation (SB-103)
  • Automatic Commission Slip Generation (ACG-17)
  • RD Schdule Summary
  • Schedule with Cheques
  • Automatic penalty and rebate calculation
  • RD Ledger
  • RD Extension
  • RD Loan & Loan Repayment
  • RD Fix LOT Posting (Master Schedule)
  • RD deposits made by Agents(on behalf of customer)
  • RD Daily & Monthly Cash Collection (Account, Name or Familywise)
  • RD Cash Collection Ledger
  • RD Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • RD Schedule and Schedule Summary Reports
  • RD Loan/Extension/Discontinued Accounts Reports
  • RD LOT wise Report
  • RD Balance as on date Report
  • RD Advance Paid/Discontinued Account Report
  • RD Extension Letter (to submit in Post Office on behalf of Depositor)
  • RD Cash Collection Made and Collection Pending Report (Areawise)

Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • Mis Monthly Interest Withdrawal
  • Mis Withdrawal Slip Generation (SB-7)
  • MIS Ledger
  • MIS Fix LOT Posting (Master Schedule)
  • MIS Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • MIS Auto to RD Report
  • MIS Withdrawal Report
  • MIS Daily Reminder Report (Withdrawal)
  • MIS Interest Due Report

Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • Certificate Entry with multiple series
  • KVP Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • KVP Certificate Register Report

National Savings Certificate - 5 Year (NSC)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • Certificate Entry with multiple series
  • NSC Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • NSC Certificate Register Report

National Savings Certificate - 10 Year (NSC IX-Issue)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • Certificate Entry with multiple series
  • NSC Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • NSC Certificate Register Report

Time Deposit (TD)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • TD Yearly Withdrawal
  • TD Ledger
  • TD Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • PPF Deposits and Withdrawals
  • PPF Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • PPF Deposit & Withdrawal Report
  • PPF Ledger

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

  • Master Entry with Nomination
  • SCSS Extension
  • SCSS Quarterly Withdrawals
  • SCSS Account Open/Close/Maturity Reports
  • SCSS Ledger

Customer(Family Group) Maintenance

  • Customer ID selection on all account open screen
  • Customer investment summary report
  • Customer investment detailed report

Commission/TDS Schedule

  • Automatic geneation of Commission/TDS Reports
  • Scheme-wise Commission/TDS report (post office and agentwise)
  • ACG-17 (Commission Slip)
  • Investment Report(post office and agentwise)

General features

  • SMS on Account Open/Maturity/Birthday/Wedding anniversary
  • Automatic Generation of Deposit/Widthdrawal Slip
  • Supports Multiple Postal Agencies and Post Offices
  • Consolidated Maturity Report
  • Interest Rates/Maturity value configurable
  • Important Postal Forms (Word and PDF format)
  • Signature/Document Scanning through Webcam
  • Export Reports to PDF through PDF Writer
  • Investment comparison report (MIS to RD)
  • Nomination register for all schemes
  • Maturity letter
  • Postal Agency expiry reminder
  • Inquiry/Search by a/c no, name, address, phone, denomination
  • Detailed report of all accounts for all postal schemes
  • Auto generate post office account no and card no
  • Auto calculation of maturity date and amount
  • Auto calculation of PMC, PMI, rebate and advance
  • Fast printing for dot-matrix printers
  • Support Ticket generation