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Account Summary Report
RD Cash Collection
Account Details With Cash Collection Ledger
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2nd Half Summary
RD Collection Due
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  • Automatic Data Sync: Import/Export Account from Post Office Agent Software for all schemes
  • Dashboard: Live Account Summary, Maturity Summary
  • Reports: A/c Open, A/c Maturity, A/c Closed, A/c Details, Collection Due/Made etc. reports for all schemes
  • RD Collection
  • SMS: for A/c Open, A/c Maturity, A/c Balance, Festivals, Collection Due etc.
  • News & Downloads
  • Postal savings scheme Presentation
  • Add on Charges: Rs.1000/- (Call 07096100950 for discount offer)
  • Upcoming Updates: Portfolio Report, Investment Report, News with Download, Forum of Agent Association

KYC/Account opening form utility

  • Store all KYC data with CIF No, Adhar, PAN, Birth Date etc.
  • Store copies of PAN, Adhar, License etc.
  • Generate KYC form automatically
  • Generate Account opening form with KYC automatically
  • Add on Charges: Rs. 500/-

SMS Facility

  • You can send following 8 types of Messages:
    • Account Open
    • Account Maturity
    • Current Balance
    • Collection Due
    • Deposit Due
    • Birthday
    • Anniversary
    • Festivals
  • SMS Credit: 2000
  • Validity: 1 year
  • Add on Charges: Rs. 500/-

Cash Collection Machine Features Cash Collection Machine Receipt
  • This utility is integrated in Post Office Agent Software. You don't have to make collection entry manually
  • It carries 1 year company warranty
  • Wide network of service stations for sale after services
  • Demo Video available in Live Video section
  • Add on Charges: Rs.12000/- (Wholesale rate)